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Best Muslin Baby Swaddle blanket Review

One of many colorful swaddle blankets         from Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais makes the best 100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets you can find. You and your newborn baby will love the blanket for it’s many wonderful qualities, but as a parent you’ll appreciate it the most when you see your baby sleeping for longer stretches when swaddle in these blankets.

To begin with, the muslin weaving of cotton makes the blanket very breathable. This makes muslin swaddle blankets great for hot and dry climates. This type of cloth will keep infants warm without the fear of incubating them too much. But, if more warmth is needed, you can swaddle the baby with another muslin blanket.

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are very lightweight and compact-able. You can easily fold a full size blanket (47” x 47”) into any small pocket and take it with you wherever you go. This flexibility is an added bonus, especially if you are a parent on the go. Traveling with a baby could be tiring enough, but having to carry extra weight will tire you even more. Travel light and you will have more time to play with your baby.

The Aden + Anais cloth is as soft a swaddle blanket you can find anywhere. Your baby will love them as they are swaddle in such a soft material as well as being very stretchy. The elasticity of the material allows for better swaddling of the baby because you can get a tighter fold around the baby if needed. Additionally, the elasticity allows for some movement by baby, but this will be dependent on how tight you swaddle the baby.

The fabrics are very durable and after multiple washing you will notice the swaddle blankets are softer than when you first purchase them. You can use these blankets for a long time without any worries of needing to replace them. Aden + Anais blankets are very versatile as well. Parents can use them as a nursing cover, burping cloth, wipes, and for shade. The versatility is only limited by your imagination.

Aden + Anais makes great swaddle blankets, but it is not a perfect product. Swaddling with this blanket is easy, but parents will need to practice the proper swaddling technique. If not, the swaddling blanket will not be effective and the babies could easily disentangle themselves from the blanket.  If your baby grows out of the blanket or is too strong, then a swaddle sack with Velcro restraints is the better swaddling solution.

To sum it up, Aden + Anais 100% muslin swaddle blankets are great quality blankets. The swaddle blanket will help parents comfort their newborn and the reward will be extra hours of sleep for everyone.

Choosing the best swaddling blanket for your newborn can be a bit tricky at first, but heeding the advice of other parents and trying out various swaddle blankets to find what your baby likes can help reduce your baby’s fussiness and help prevent costly mistakes in the long run.

PS: Make sure to purchase the 47” x 47” size blankets because the bigger the swaddle blanket the more easier it is to swaddle your newborn.

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Top 3 Baby Swaddling Blankets

Aden and Anais is the top of the line swaddle blanket that you have been looking for. Not only is this swaddle blanket soft and comfortable it is one of the largest blanket you can find, which makes it great for swaddling growing newborns. The swaddle blankets are made of muslin fabrics that are durable after multiple washing. These blankets are great for reducing colic, soothing babies, and helping babies sleep for longer periods – which are just what you need!

SwaddleMe swaddling blankets are top quality and overall are an EXCELLENT choice. These swaddling blankets are soft, comfortable and come in multiple sizes so finding the right fit for your baby is easy. These swaddle blankets are extremely easy to use and great for new parents who are unfamiliar with swaddling. Swaddling is easy as placing newborns in pouch, zip-up, and fold the swaddle wings around the baby – watch your swaddle baby sleep longer because of SwaddleMe!

Halo Sleepsack swaddling blankets are versatile and combine the functions of swaddling with a sleeping bag. Advance swaddling design makes wrapping easy and reduces colic, discomforts, spit-up, and gas. Halo Sleepsacks are perfect for parents who are looking to wean their infants off swaddling and can later transition into the sleeping bag feature. Available in multiple sizes and different color combinations, it is a very versatile choice!

Doctors agree, swaddling is beneficial for your newborn. If you are a new parent, having to late-night feed can be frustrating enough but trying to put the baby back to sleep is another adventure. The parents need sleep as much as the baby do and finding the BEST swaddle blankets should be the first thing moms and dads should research for their babies to have longer, peaceful, and comfortable sleep.

The best swaddle blankets to use are generally those who have received a number of satisfied reviews from other parents. In other words, kid-tested, mother approved. The best swaddle blankets on the market are those that are designed to be easy-to-use, comfortable for the baby and beneficial at reducing gas and colic.


Best Summer Swaddle Blanket Review

When it comes to swaddling blankets for hot summers, Aden and Anais’ Muslin swaddle blankets, are one of the highest rated swaddling blanket on the market. The blanket features loosely woven muslin fabrics that allows for air to move through and cool the baby in hot and dry climates.

Best Swaddling Blanket for new moms and dads Review

Thousands of satisfied parents agree, swaddling a baby is straightforward to use with the SwaddleMe swaddle blanket. In 3 easy steps, new parents can easily and quickly swaddle their newborn in the comfortable, warm, and cozy swaddle blankets. If you are looking for a trouble-free swaddling blanket then SwaddleMe swaddle blanket is the one.

Best Baby Budget Swaddle blankets Review

Carter's 4 pack Receiving blanket, swaddling blanketsAnother option for parents is Carter’s receiving blankets that measure 30” x 40”, which is ample size for swaddling most newborns. The fabric is soft and durable after multiple washing which something you expect from a higher price swaddle blanket. This explains why so many parents love this blanket and why this is one of the best budget swaddle blankets for as little as 2-3 dollars a piece.