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Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant review

The Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant is the answer for your nights of sleeplessness because of

Medical Journals Support for Swaddling

The practice of swaddling has been done for generations and it continues today because of the

A mom’s reason to swaddle your newborn

My baby girl was swaddle all the time while in the hospital and when I brought

Halo Sleepsack Review

Halo provides another great swaddle blanket to cover your newborn from the cold of the world.

Why swaddle your baby? – Another top reason to swaddle

The first benefit of swaddling is its potential to lower SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) because

Best Reason to Swaddle your newborn!

The benefits of swaddling has been tested over time and recent studies by Dr. Rachel Moon

Best summer swaddle blanket

Moms need to have Aden and Anais swaddle blankets for the hot summers!  Aden and Anais

How bacteria can grow in your swaddle blanket

Bacteria could be building up in your swaddle blanket as you read this article! The microbes