Halo Sleepsack Review

Halo provides another great swaddle blanket to cover your newborn from the cold of the world. Halo makes a sleepsack type swaddle blanket that is great for new parents who are not familiar with swaddling. Instructions are hemmed into the swaddle wings for parents to easy reference as needed during the swaddling process, so the end product is a safely swaddle infant. But, the most important factor is the comfort level of the baby and Halo swaddle blankets will give your baby the most comfortable feeling you can find.

Halo swaddle sleepsack

Halo sleepsack

First, the design of the Halo sleepsack is like a pyramid. This allows ample room for your newborn to move around and space for their legs. This is great to prevent the likelihood of hip dysplasia in newborns. A tight swaddle around the hip could loosen the femur bone that is connected to the hip. The pyramid shape makes it easy for parents to drop their baby inside the sack without any cumbersome steps. There are two openings for the babies arm and these will be challenge as babies can be fussy when you try to manipulate their movement. The size of the arm opening will also be more difficult as the baby grows and this might not be comfortable for the baby.  A trick for swaddling fussy baby is keep the infants arm inside the sleepsack and not use the arm openings as it can provide another barrier for them to break out of the swaddle.

Once in the Halo sleepsack, the baby can be zipped up and swaddle by the two wings attached to the sleepsack. The Velcro is durable and is strong enough to securely hold the newborn inside the sleep sack without much movement.  The wings make swaddling easy to do and this makes it great for parents who are apprehensive about swaddling. The ease of swaddling also makes un-swaddling easy for quick diaper changes during the middle of the night. Again, instructions are sewn into the sides to help parents navigate thru the swaddling process if needed.

With any Velcro product, you need to be careful when washing the item. Velcro can stick to other fabrics and ruin them pretty easy during washing and drying. To prevent this from happening, the Halo sleepsack Velcro needs to be securely latched onto itself before washing and drying. The Halo sleepsack fabric holds up pretty well after multiple washings and maintains its soft feel. The the durability and build of the sleepsack is good as there are not signs of threads or seams being loosen over time of usage of and washing. This adds to the overall goal of making the baby comfortable while he’s sleeping.

The Halo sleepsack is a great product for newly minted moms and dads. Its ease of use along with the soft feel of the material will provide all the comfort newborns need as they doze off into sleep.


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