A mom’s reason to swaddle your newborn

My baby girl was swaddle all the time while in the hospital and when I brought her home, I didn’t pay too much attention to swaddling.  We received some swaddle blankets during my baby shower, but I was often too tired to swaddle and I ended up covering my daughter in a blanket. But my girl would wake up randomly after each feeding and it took outrageous amount of time to get her to fall asleep again. We looked like zombies after a week, so we went web browsing for solutions. We immediately found other stories of moms and dads using a swaddle blanket to help their newborn baby find some rest through the comfort of swaddling. I felt encouraged about the possibility and I started the routine of swaddling.

SwaddleMe Blankets

Swaddle Blankets

From the 2nd week onward, I was habitual about swaddling my girl all the time. We unwrapped my girl for her swaddle blanket for feeding, diaper change, and baths. Following each event, we immediately swaddle her again. While wrapped, I can tell my daughter feels comfortable. Also, the routine gives her a schedule on what is expected of her.  She recognizes its time for sleep and does not create much of a hassle because of it.  Also, a swaddle infant is kept warm and gives support to their neck & back.  Newborns neck are not strong enough to support themselves and with the swaddle blanket, the tight wrap can secure the whole body and provide reinforcement support for the weaker areas. This will aid in the comfort of the baby when the baby is held. Overall, my daughter loves being swaddle and I would recommend it because I’m enjoying more sleep because of it.