Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant review

The Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant is the answer for your nights of sleeplessness because of your fussy newborn. The Swaddle Pod has developed a unique design with the input of pediatricians to maximize the benefits of swaddling in re-creating the cozy womb-like feeling that helps babies relax and secure. The Swaddle Pod is great 2 areas and has it flaws as with any swaddle blankets.

First, the Swaddle Pod is very comfortable for babies to sleep in. The lycra fabric is soft and is  stretchy enough to safely secure babies. The stretchiness allows for great flexibility for parents as newborns go through their initial growth spurt.  The elasticity of the fabric will grow with the newborn until he gets too big. However, if a baby is smaller than the Swaddle Pod then there is high possibility the newborn will move around too much and not really be swaddle. Instead the Swaddle Pod is more like a sleeping bag and not serving as a swaddling blanket. The proper fit of the baby in the Swaddle Pod is crucial and will vary from baby to baby because of their size. An unsecured baby in a Swaddle Pod can easily move their hand out of the swaddle Pod around the collar. This could lead to an uncomfortable position for the baby and more restless nights.

The stretchiness of the Swaddle Pod is partly due to the fabric being thin. I do not expect the much warmth from this pod, so if necessary, use extra clothing or blankets to help stabilize your baby’s temperature (normally 97 to 99 F). However, the thinner fabric is good for warmer climates as it can keep the baby swaddle and cool.

Second, the Swaddle Pod is easy to use. For most parents, swaddling a baby can be a challenge as babies have a knack to get out of any good swaddles. With this blanket, swaddling is as easy as zipping up a jacket. Once placed inside the pod, parents have 2 zippers to zip up and the baby is secure and swaddle. The second zipper makes it convenient for changing diapers because un-swaddling will automatically wake the baby and the outcome could be hours off soothing to get the baby back to sleep.

A drawback of the Swaddle Pod is there is only one size for newborns ages 0 to 3 months and nothing for older babies. Additionally, Summer Infant specifies the Swaddle Pod is only good for babies weighing 7-14 pounds.

Overall, the Swaddle Pod is worth the investment and rest it can provide. Sleepless moms and dads need to swaddle their newborns and the comfortable Swaddle Pod could the solution.