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Facts about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

A lot of the articles talks about how swaddling reduce the occurrence of SIDS.  Well, what

Carter’s Wrap Me Up Receiving Blanket Review

Are you searching for a quality receiving blanket at a great value, then look no further

When to stop swaddling your newborn?

Swaddling must be stop when it starts to pose a danger for the newborn. Additionally, parents

Woombie Swaddle Sack Review

The Woombie is a high quality swaddle sack for parents to swaddle their newborns. Swaddle sacks

How many hours straight is it safe to swaddle a baby?

Once a baby is swaddle in a comfortable blanket parents can let them sleep until they

What is swaddling a baby?

What is swaddling a baby? As a new parent you probably heard this word floating around

What is the difference between a receiving blanket and a swaddle blanket?

The short answer to this question is they are the same. A receiving blanket is a