Woombie Swaddle Sack Review

The Woombie is a high quality swaddle sack for parents to swaddle their newborns. Swaddle sacks are the non-traditional swaddle blankets and are designed like a potato sack with a zipper opening to seal the baby inside for a swaddle. The Woombie fabric is tight and stretchy like spandex, which creates the swaddling effect without having to use extra restraints on the newborn. This makes the Woombie very easy to use and great for parents who are not familiar with swaddling. The fabric is extremely soft and will not rough up the baby’s skin as they try to move inside the sack. The Woombie is a quality product and is skillfully made and this is best demonstrated by how the Woombie maintains its softness and excellence after multiple washing.

The Woombie has an easy to use zipper to keep your newborn swaddle. This is comes in handy during the night when you can unzip the sack for an easy diaper change. There is no Velcro as part of the restraint system and this eliminates the potential force that will tug on the baby and wake them up when un-swaddling. The Woombie collar could be a little tight on some newborns, but the collar can be stretched out by parents until it’s comfortable for the baby. There are 3 size levels for the Woombie, so parents need to find the right one for their baby because too loose of a sack will have no swaddling impact and too tight of a swaddle will lead to a uncomfortable baby.

Overall, the Woombie is a terrific swaddle sack for swaddling your newborn. It is easy to use, made with quality and well worth the investment to help your baby sleep through the early months.

Manufacturer Product Description

From womb….to Woombie! Swaddling has been shown to help babies up to 8 months old sleep better, longer and safer. The unique and orginal design is ergonomically shaped and has a unique 4way stretch fabric that snuggles your baby and move with them to mimic the womb, unlike any other swaddler. The Woombie with legs will allow baby to be swaddled in swings, strollers, bouncy seats and upright colic positioners. The Woombie is the one natural & safe way to swaddle your baby, mimicking the ability to stretch extremities as in the womb, yet gently comforting & stopping startling issues and more!!

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