SwaddleMe instructions for swaddling your newborn!

Are you a new parent? Not comfortable swaddling your newborn with traditional blankets? Then SwaddleMe is a great solution for you because it is easy to learn and use for everyday swaddling.  Great swaddling and comfort starts by getting the proper size SwaddleMe for your newborn as they could range from small to large.

Size charts for various swaddle sacks:


Available Sizes

Machine Washable

Manufacturer Recommendations

Swaddle Sacks:



5 to 10 lbs


Small, Medium, Large


7 to 20 lbs

Miracle Blanket

1 universal size





Big Baby

Mega Baby


5 to 13 lbs

14 to 19 lbs

20 to 25 lbs

Halo Swaddle Sleepsack

Newborn, Small




Once you have the proper size SwaddleMe, then its time for your little one to enjoy the warmth and coziness of swaddling.

  • Find a flat surface for swaddling. Clear away any hazardous materials that the baby can grab or accidentally be harmed with.
  • Place your unfolded SwaddleMe on top of a clean flat surface
  • SwaddleMe instructions

    Step 1 on using the SwaddleMe

  • Place the feet of your newborn inside the pouch of the SwaddleMe
  • Swaddle Me instructions

    Step 2 - Place feet inside SwaddleMe Pouch

  • Hold the arms down and pull the right (larger) wing over the newborn.
  • SwaddleMe Instructions

    Step 3 - Fold the right wing over newborn

  • Verify the flap is securely attached to the Velcro on the pouch
  • Pull the left flap over the newborn.
  • SwaddleMe Instructions

    Step 4 - Pull left wing over the newbon

  • Verify the Velcro on the right flap is securely attached over the left flap.
  • The tightness of the swaddle will vary depending on how comfortable your newborn is.