Swaddling will comfort your newborn

As a parent, I want my son to be as comfortable as possible.  In the first few days after birth, nurses would come by and regularly poke my son in the heel to draw some blood. He was premature and had jaundice, so doctors wanted to investigate his jaundice level in order to get a better idea on how to treat him.  He was poke numerous times and each time he would cry for a good 20 minutes after the blood draw.  Then, one nurse re-swaddle the baby with his leg sticking out for the blood draw.  My son was so relaxed in the swaddle that when he was poked, he didn’t respond with crying.  It was amazing to see him relaxed during the process because it makes my heart ache every time I see him cry.

I found and read an article by several doctors in the Journal of Developmental & Behavior Pediatrics that supports what I noticed in the hospital that day.

Swaddling comforts babiesWhen newborns are swaddle, it will help reduce their crying and screaming when they are poked in the heel for blood draws.  This is a great news because I want my son to be as comfortable as possible and I know he’s comfortable when he is sleeping soundly and not crying. Then when he wakes up I will see a well rested and happy baby.