Why does the SwaddleMe by Summer Infant have an opening in the back of the swaddle?

The SwaddleMe swaddle blanket is not your typical swaddle blanket. The kangaroo style pouch is where you place your little one in. On the back of this pouch you have a little opening for safety seats. To securely swaddle your newborn in a car seat, you need this function as it is easy to use once you are familiar with the swaddling process.

First, locate the safety restraint that is position between the baby’s legs. Pull the restraint through the opening in the back of SwaddleMe.

SwaddleMe with a carseat

Then unfold SwaddleMe wings and place them under the shoulder restraints. Place newborn in carseat and inside the pouch of the SwaddleMe.  Buckle the shoulder restraints to the leg restraints. Tighten the restraints as needed per the instructions of your car seat manufacturer.

Baby Strapped into carseat with SwaddleMe

Fold wings over newborn to create the comfortable swaddle. Viola!

Swaddling a baby in carseat with SwaddleMe

I hope you found this informative and wish you happy swaddling with SwaddleMe!