Doctors agree Swaddling helps your newborn sleep longer

Swaddling has been around for ages and continues on today because parents find it beneficial in raising their newborn. Well, a group of doctors in Belgium wanted to critically study swaddling and see physiological impact on newborns. The study title, Influence of Swaddling on Sleep and Arousal Characteristics of Healthy Infants published in the journal Pediatrics, systematically examined the benefits of swaddling and tried to answer the questions; Does swaddling help induce babies to sleep longer? Does swaddling help reduce crying among irritable babies? The impact of environmental sound was used to test the response of sleeping babies that were swaddle and non-swaddle.

The study shows swaddling was beneficial –

Swaddling helped infants sleep longer

The impact of swaddling on reducing crying was less conclusive in this study, but if babies are able to sleep for a longer time, then I’m sure more parents would still be overjoy. So, if you are a parent who has a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, then give give swaddling a try.