Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Review

SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus is a great swaddle blanket for newborns to sleep in.  Parents will notice innovative design of the SwaddleMe with its pouch and wings on each side for wrapping. The design makes swaddling much easier for new moms and dads.

SwaddleMe Instructions

First, the kangaroo style pouch allows for easy placement of the baby’s leg inside. Once inside the pouch, the wings can be pulled around the baby and Velcro sewn into the wing will secure the swaddle around the baby. The Velcro strap allows for a more secure swaddle, especially if your baby easily frees themselves from traditional blankets.

Kiddopotamus’ SwaddleMe has two fabrics to choose from: microfleece or cotton. Both materials are soft and would be great for babies, but the microfleece has a slightly longer durability after several washings.  The microfleece material will be warmer for the baby than the cotton, therefore be cautious if you live in a warmer regions because the fleece could be too warm for your baby. The cotton material has more stretch and will make swaddling easier. Cotton is more breathable than the microfleece and thus making it better for cooler regions.

SwaddleMe has some drawbacks like other swaddle blankets. The pouch and wings system will eventually be too small for your growing baby and that means you will need to purchase SwaddleMe with different sizes.  These purchases could add up as SwaddleMe has sizes ranging from small to large.  I recommending getting the right size SwaddleMe as your baby will be more comfortable because of it.

The Velcro system is definitely a great part of SwaddleMe, but after more than 3 months of use the Velcro will be less sticky. But most likely by that time, the baby will need to size up to another SwaddleMe or you will be training the baby to sleep without being swaddle.

Overall, the SwaddleMe blanket is easy and very natural to use. There is little training require in order to get the perfect swaddle and the result is more sleep for babies and parents. Parents should give SwaddleMe blanket a try and reap the benefits of better nights sleep for your baby and you.

Swaddle Me Blankets