Sozo Swaddle blankets Review

Newborns are very cute, but with the Sozo swaddle blankets they will be irresistible cute. Sozo makes unique swaddle blankets that will make your newborn look like a cute lady bug, puppy, monkey, cow, flowers or a tasty piece of juicy fruit. When your son or daughter is swaddle in this blanket, you can help but take endless amount of pictures.

Sozo swaddle blankets and cap set

Cute selections of swaddling blankets from Sozo

The fabric is made of high quality cotton that can be easily stretched for swaddling. The cotton is durable and thick, which is great during the cold winters. Parents can be assured this blanket will keep your newborn warm. The blanket is 30” x 44” so swaddling your newborn is ample size for most newborns in the early 0-3 month stage.

Lastly, Sozo swaddle blankets can serve as a comfortable Halloween costume for your newborn. In a swaddle costume your newborn will be less fussy and be more prone to falling asleep, which means less headaches and more rest for the parents. So, dress up your baby in Sozo blankets today and make irresistible cute.