Why parents need to properly swaddle their newborn

Parents are probably all familiar with the benefits of swaddling like lowering occurrence of SIDS, better warm, improve sleep, calming and soothing for babies.  But parents, may not know that if they are improperly swaddling their newborn there could some potential harms.

There is a condition called Hip Dysplasia that is becoming a more common with newborn babies according to pediatricians. Hip Dysplasia is the misalignment of the femur head to the hip socket. The rise in Hip Dysplasia coincides with the growing popularity of parents swaddling their newborn. Hip Dysplasia is the result of parents who are swaddling their newborn too tight around the hip and are restricting the natural frog motion of the newborn’s leg. Thus, the hip and femur head will be misaligned with continued improper swaddling.  Hip Dysplasia can be corrected by using a Pavlik harness for newborns or by surgery for older kids.  But parents need to learn to properly swaddle their newborn to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Below is a video by Dr. Price and he goes over what parents need to do properly swaddle their newborn and some cool swaddling techniques to prevent the occurrence of Hip Dysplasia.  Watch the video and learn from Dr. Price (International Hip Dysplasia Institute – IHDI).