Aden + Anais: The softest swaddle blanket on the market

Aden + Anais make the best 100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets you can find. There are many great qualities about the swaddle blankets that you and your newborn baby will love. As a parent you will appreciate them even more when you see your baby sleeping for longer stretches when swaddle in these blankets.

One of many colorful swaddle blankets from Aden + Anais

To begin with, muslin weaving of cotton makes the blanket very breathable. This makes muslin swaddle blankets great for hot and dry climates. This type of cloth will keep infants warm enough without the fear of incubating them too much. But, if more warmth is needed, you can swaddle the baby with another muslin blanket.

The swaddle blanket is very lightweight and compact-able. You can easily fold a full size blanket (47” x 47”) into any small pocket and take it with you wherever you go. This flexibility is an added bonus, especially if you are a parent on the go. Traveling with a baby could be tiring enough, but having to carry extra weight will tire you even more. Travel light and you will have more time to play your baby.

The cloth is as soft a swaddle blanket you can find anywhere. Your baby will love them as they are swaddle in such a soft material. On top of being soft, the cloth is very stretchy. The elasticity of the material allows for better swaddling of the baby. Additionally, the elasticity allows for some movement of the baby, but this will be dependent on how tight swaddle the baby.

The fabrics are very durable and after multiple washing you will notice the swaddle blankets being softer than when you first purchase the items. Thus, you will be using these blankets for a long time without any worries of needing to replace them. These blankets are very versatile as well. Parents can use them as a nursing cover, burping cloth, wipes, and for shade. The versatility is only limited by the imagination.

It’s a great swaddle blanket, but there are limitations as it is not perfect product. To swaddle with this blanket is easy, but parents will need to practice the proper swaddling technique. If not, the swaddling blanket will not be effective and the babies could easily disentangle themselves from the blanket.

To sum it up, Aden + Anais 100% muslin swaddle blankets are great quality blankets. The swaddle blanket will help parents comfort there newborn and the reward will be extra hours of sleep for both.

NOTE: make sure to purchase the 47” x 47” size blankets as the bigger blankets are more useful

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