Use the Miracle blanket to help your baby sleep longer

Miracle blanket is a great swaddle blanket that will help calm your baby through the early months of adjustment in the outside world. The swaddling effect of the miracle blanket will help soothe and calm your baby’s nerves and everyone will reap the benefits of longer naps, more fun time, and less irritable behaviors from all.

The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket for longer sleep times

The Miracle Blanket is another pocket style swaddle blanket, where you place the baby in a sack. There are small wing flaps to fold around the baby’s arm, followed by bigger flaps that you use to wrap around the baby’s body. One side of the flap will wrap around the baby’s body multiple times. This will help secure the baby in a tight wrap and will reduce the likelihood of the baby getting out of the swaddle. This multiple wrapping around the baby might be difficult once the baby is bigger and gets more active. But when that time comes along, it is probably time start un-swaddling the baby.

The cotton material is soft and is durable even after multiple washing.  There are also multiple styles and colors to choose from.  There is no Velcro in the wing flaps, so the baby is completely surrounded by smooth and comfortable cotton material.  As you parent you won’t have to worry about the baby potentially scratching themselves on any Velcro material.

The Miracle blanket is a wonderful swaddle blanket with some drawbacks. As with any pouch system, the best fit will never be there. You will get a good wrap around the body, but the legs could be moving too much to negate any swaddling benefits. Lastly, the cost is more on the expensive side and with any swaddling blankets you will definitely need more than one.

Overall, the Miracle blanket will swaddle your baby for longer naps with less crying. Use it today for the comfort of your baby and yourself.