Swaddle Design has variety in swaddle blankets to fit your baby

Swaddle design makes a great swaddle blanket for the comfort of your baby in mind. They first start off with the right size swaddle blanket. As babies come into the world in different sizes, the larger swaddle blankets (46” x 46”) will make swaddling any infant easy to do. This also makes the blanket usable for a longer time, for some babies even up to 6 months.

Swaddle Design

The Swaddle Design materials come in two varieties for the comfort of the baby in different weather climates.  If your baby will out around the hot summer time, then the lightweight marquisette material will be better. The fabric is 100% cotton, weaved in an open style like muslin blankets, which makes the blanket very breathable and cool for those hot and humid days. For the winter babies, parents might want to choose the 100% cotton flannel material that will keep babies warmer. The material is soft and will serve as another great swaddle blanket to use.

All Swaddle Design blankets comes with the easy how to swaddle instructions sewn into the edge of the blankets. This is useful for beginners to get a quick reminder on how to swaddle a baby. But, after multiple times, referring to the instructions will not be as convenient as you will be too busy trying to swaddle the baby.

The downside of the Swaddle Design blankets is after multiple washing the softness of the fabric worsens. The material visually looks more worn after some washing as well. Overall, Swaddle Design provides parents with a lot of swaddle blanket options for all the different babies.

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