How mothers keep their baby warm

More parents are worried that their babies are too cold and than too hot. If babies are too cold they might be in danger of hypothermia. But if they are too hot, what is the impact of the thermal stress? Sudden Infant death Syndromes (SIDS) has been linked to as a potential hazard because of too much covering can escalate a fever, or babies may slip beneath the cover and loose their way to release excess heat.

A study review by CJ Bacon and colleagues from the Department of Child Health Medical School in the University of Newcastle tracked 649 babies from the age of 8 to 26 weeks to answer the question, “How mothers keep their baby warm? The research group detailed room temperature, clothing, and bedding used by night and night. They also tracked the outside temperature during the winter and summer times to see potential trends.

The sample size did not find any correlation between excess swaddling to SIDS, but the rate of SIDS occurrence is below the sample size of this study. But, they found mothers tend to insult their baby more during the winter and when the room temperature is low. Additionally, mother’s also used thicker swaddling blankets and duvets during these colder temperature ranges.

When newborns are heavily insulted, at least 50% three of some or all of their bedding covers at night and at least a quarter was reported to have sweated during the same time.

Temperature and insulation graph

Overall, the study did found babies who were expose to warmer temperature with more clothing, swaddling, or bedding cover exhibited more thermal stress as indicated by their sweat found on their garments. But, these high temperatures may be tolerable under normal circumstances, but other factors like insufficient cooling if head is covered is a potential danger.