Luvable Friends provides great value in a swaddle blanket

Luvable Friends makes one of the most affordable swaddle blankets you can find. The blankets are sold in packs of 6 and the price you pay is equivalent to one or two of other specialty swaddle blankets.

Luvable Friends Swaddle Blanket

Affordable Swaddle Blankets

Luvable Friends has two types of swaddle blankets. A flannel version is light and thinner and is more appropriate for the babies in hotter climates. A fleece version is also available for the the babies in the colder climates. Both materials are soft and comfortable for easy baby swaddling.

The downside with the Luvable Friends swaddle blankets are they are not as big. They measure 28”x28” and might not be easy to use as the baby grows. After multiple washing the softness of the material is not as great as when you first receive it. With the downside in mind, the affordability of the Luvable Friends swaddle blanket makes it a great value.

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