What does your little one wear under the SwaddleMe?

This question is often brought up because parents are worried they may be overheating or not providing enough warm to their newborn in the SwaddleMe blanket. But, with the proper care and attention parents can rest assure their newborn is fine.

Typically, babies can be dressed in a onesie, pants, and socks before they are swaddle in the SwaddleMe blanket. But, if you noticed your baby’s onesie is wet from sweat then you need to regulate the room temperature because the baby is probably too warm. You can try swaddling without the socks and pants as these extra insulations are not needed. If your baby’s onesie is still wet from sweat, then you might want to try a different version of the Summer Infant SwaddleMe blanket. There is fleece and a thinner cotton SwaddleMe blankets. The fleece is great for providing the extra keeping babies warm during the winter and when room temperature might drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. For those hot summer days, use the thinner cotton SwaddleMe blanket. If the onesie is still wet from sweat, then dress the baby only in a diaper before swaddling him in the SwaddleMe.

If changing the outfits they wear underneath do not help, then adjust the room temperature to a slightly cooler value then before.

Here are some other tricks to help you monitor your baby’s temperature:

1. Touch the back of their neck as this is a good spot to gauge warmth or coldness.

2. Touch the baby’s hands for coldness

Keep up the swaddling because it has a lot benefits!