JJ Cole muslin swaddle blanket review

JJ Cole collections of products are perfect examples of quality product. Their fine products extend into the swaddle blankets that they make. JJ Cole has a traditional swaddle blanket that is generously size at 48×48”. These blankest are made from muslin 100% pre-washed fabrics which has many great benefits.

First, pre-washed fabrics are less like likely to shrink when you try to wash them at home. They colors are more set and will fade less after multiple washing. Also, pre-washed fabrics will potentially have less chemicals in the fabrics because they will have been washed away. Some chemicals, such as the flame retardant compounds are added to infants’ and children’s pajamas, during manufacturing as required by law under the jurisdiction of the manufacturer’s location.

Second, these swaddle blankets are made of woven cotton fabrics called muslin. Muslin fabrics are soft, lightweight, breathe-able and looks like gauze. Muslin fabrics were initial made as clothing for warm and humid climates. This makes the JJ Cole muslin swaddle blanket great for swaddling your newborn during the hot summers so as a parent you do not have to worry about overheating your baby.

Start today and give swaddling a try with these wonder muslin swaddle blankets from JJ Cole.

Are you still not sure if you want to swaddle your newborn? Then, I recommend reading some more information on the potential benefits of swaddling.