How to wash your new Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe swaddling blanket?

You just purchase a great swaddling blanket and you want to keep it as clean and great looking as you can. With any baby clothing or fabric products, you should give it a wash before having their baby wear or us the product. This is true for swaddling blankets as well because you don’t know how blanket could’ve been contaminated during the transit and handling.

The instructions on the SwaddleMe microFleece Swaddling blanket is to machine wash low with like colors using cold water. To avoid the Velcro from sticking to other clothing during the washing have the SwaddleMe Velcro securely attached to itself. This will make your Velcro last longer and your will have to worry about damaging your other clothes in the wash. After washing, the swaddle blanket can be tumble dry on low heat. The swaddling blankets do need to be iron and do not use chlorine bleach on this product.

The instructions on the SwaddleMe cotton Swaddling blanket is also machine washable. You can set the washing to low with like colors using cold water. Secure Velcro to swaddle blanket before washing. Tumble dry low.

You are set for keeping your SwaddleMe swaddle blanket clean for your baby!