L’ovedBaby Swaddling Blanket Review

L'ovedBaby Swaddling BlanketWinter is approaching and what better way to keep your newborn warm than swaddling them in an L’ovedbaby swaddle blanket. These L’oved Baby brand are traditional swaddle blankets made with 100% cotton and you can feel the softness of the fabrics as you rub them with your hands. It’s perfect for newborn’s soft and smooth skin.

The cotton fabrics are stretchy and this will come in handy when swaddling your newborn. By having a little give, you can create a more secure wrap around your baby. A tight swaddle is a good swaddle because you don’t want your baby to be wiggling themselves out of the blankets because it could potentially be a hazard for them.

The cotton fabrics are thicker than most cotton blankets, which makes it a great receiving blanket for keeping your newborns warm during the winter. Other swaddle blankets made out of muslin are great for hot and humid temperatures but do not keep your newborn as warm. Most parents found 2 muslin fabrics are needed to keep a newborn adequately warm in the winter.

The L’ovedbaby swaddle blanket comes in a 37”x37” size and in 8 different colors, ranging from pink to grey to caramel. The size is a little small compared to other swaddle blankets from Aden and Anais and Swaddle Designs, but some people find the larger blankets (up to 47” x 47”) just too big to swaddle a baby because you have extra leftover blanket that you need to tuck away. Personally, I liked a bigger blanket because I want my swaddle blanket to be big enough when my son gets older. Some parents keep up with swaddling until 6 months or later at that point a 37” x 37” blanket might be a little too small.

The L’ovedbaby swaddle blanket is made with great quality. You notice the quality and craftsmanship when you wash the blanket. The cotton fabric maintains its’ soft feel upon touching it out of the dryer.  The embroidered logo is durable and the color of blanket does not fade with use, what more can you ask?

L'ovedBaby swaddling blanket

If you are looking for winter swaddle blanket for your newborn, give the L’ovedBaby swaddle blanket a try.