American Baby Company Receiving Blanket Review

American baby organic Receiving BlanketSwaddling a baby has been practiced for generations and is enjoying a strong revival because parents are realizing the numerous benefits swaddling baby can provide. A swaddle baby will be kept warm and comfortable during the cold winter. The cozy feeling will remind a newborn of their time in the mother’s womb, which will calm and soothe babies who show signs of colic. Additionally, swaddling a newborn will help them sleep on their back, which is recommended sleep position of American Pediatric Association. With all these benefits, parents just need to find the right swaddle blanket.

The American Baby Company is a wonderful organic receiving blanket that can meet the swaddling needs of all parents. The fabric for the blanket is extremely soft and stretchy. The softness you can feel upon the touch. The stretchiness makes it great for swaddling because you need a little pull to create a nice wrap around your baby for them to be securely tucked in. For those who like teddy bears, then you will find a treat with this receiving blanket. On one corner of the blanket you can find a cute teddy bear. The bear embroidery does get rough after some washes, but the cotton fabric overall is durable and soft after multiple washes.

The color of the blanket is mocha and this neutral color makes it great for mixing and matching with other items you might have to dress your baby in. The color does not fade with multiple washing and can be machine washed and tumbled dry in most dryers. This make cleaning the blanket convenient for busy parents.

This is a 100% organic cotton fabric. So, parents do not need to worry about the potential of harsh chemicals being used to prepare the blanket. No chemical, pesticides were used in making of the materials that went into this wonderful swaddle blanket.

On disadvantage that I noticed about this product is the size. It’s a good 30×40”, but 30×40” is relatively on the small side when compared to other swaddle blankets that are on the market. If you have a bigger baby, then this receiving blanket might be too small and your baby would easily out grow the blanket in a month. There are some swaddle blankets that go as big as 47”x47” that are also made with high quality cotton.

The major plus about this blanket is it’s relatively affordable for an organic swaddle blanket. Priced at $9.99 on Amazon, it’s the most budget friendly blanket you can find. After reading more into the company, we found out why. The blanket is actually manufactured outside of America and that is why we think it’s affordable. Even though it is made overseas, the swaddle blanket is still a top quality product that is great for swaddling your baby.

Overall, the American Baby Company receiving blanket is a great buy for parents who are looking for an affordable organic swaddle blanket for their little one.