Who makes the easiest swaddle blankets to swaddle a baby?

Easiest Swaddle Blanket to use for your babyI understand parents who are swaddling challenge with traditional square swaddle blankets. My husband tried with our first son numerous times, but we realized swaddling was not his forte and started looking for alternative methods that we can safely and easily swaddle our son. The good news is there are a lot different swaddle blanket designs that make swaddling easy!
The top three easy swaddle blankets that are easy to use are the Woombie, SwaddleMe, and Halo sleepsack. I listed the three different types swaddle blankets in order that is best for your baby base on their size and age.
The Woombie is a cocoon style swaddle sack for your newborn that makes swaddling as simple as pulling up a zipper. The Woombie with its stretchy fabric will wrap around your newborn like a sleeping bag. It will keep them warm and comfortable like a traditional swaddle but without all the worry of the swaddle coming loose. You can read more about the Woombie from an earlier review. The cocoon style swaddle is great for all preemies and little babies, but bigger babies might find the sleeping back too tight, especially around the neck opening. My son has a small neck and it got a little uncomfortable for him as he got bigger, so we transitioned to another swaddle. A drawback of the zipper is then whenever we tried to unzip, it would always wake up my son.
Swaddle ME swaddle blanketAfter 2 weeks, my son was swaddle in a SwaddleMe blanket. The SwaddleMe design looks like a pouch with two wing flaps to wrap around your baby. This design is easier for bigger babies compare to the Woombie because you have more room to place the baby in swaddle sack. Also if your baby is a little active with their legs, it is easier to get them inside without much of a struggle. You can read more about the SwaddleMe from an earlier review. Overall, the SwaddleMe allows for comfortable and easy swaddling of bigger babies with their unique wing flaps that wraps around the babies arm and chest. These wings are held securely together with Velcro straps that maintains a tight swaddle. However, the Velcro sound when you release the baby from the swaddle could easy wake up a sleepy baby.
Variety in Halo SleepsacksAfter 2 months, we switched our son to an even bigger swaddle sack by Halo. This swaddle sack is a combination of the Woombie and SwaddleMe. The Halo sleepsack has a sack that you zip up to secure your baby in and then it has Velcro wings to secure a nice swaddle. It’s easy to use and necessary at this point to use because my son is so active and strong now that he can easily extract himself from the other swaddles. You can read more about the Halo Sleepsack from an earlier review. Overall, the Halo sleepsack is a great transition swaddle blanket for babies who are almost big enough to go swaddle free. The Halo sleepsack can transition into a wearable sleeping blanket that will give babies the freedom to use their arms while keeping them warm.
Try the easy to use Woombie, SwaddleMe, and Halo swaddle blankets for your newborn and you will enjoy the benefits of a longer nights sleep for your baby and yourself.