How swaddling can help with a colic baby?

Colic babyA colic baby is generally described as a frequently crying baby and they cry for long durations. The cause of the crying can stem from wet diapers, being hungry, not being comfortable or improper temperature, but are usually beyond these common issues for all babies.  Many pediatricians have started stressing the 5S to help comfort babies and their colic tendencies. The 5S are Swaddling, Side (or Stomach) position, Shhhhhh, Swinging, and Sucking. Swaddling is the first step in soothing a baby because it will try to remind a newly born baby of their time in the mother womb. A swaddle baby will be tightly wrapped (but are still comfortable) in a swaddle blanket to keep them warm and cozy. The compression of their body into a restricted space will conjure up good memories. This will hopefully relax and calm an anxious baby who is not use to the cold world that they arrived in.

The 2nd S is for Side or Stomach holding of the baby. Some babies find this position more comfortable for resting then sleeping on their back. Try various positions to hold your baby until they get comfortable and can fall asleep in your arm. My son loves it when I hold him up and he rest his head on my shoulders, but this will vary depending on the baby.

3rd S is for Shhhhh as in the noise you make when you want to quite down. I made a recording of me Shhhhh so my throat doesn’t hurt so much from Shhhhh to long and my son doesn’t know the wiser.  I think the background noise is another tool that calms him down and the regular rhythm of the Shhhhh adds familiarity to his nap and sleep routine. My son also likes classical music as it is another great tool to signal to your baby that they need to rest, calm, and be prepared to sleep.

The 4th S is for Swinging or rocking a baby in the certain rhythmic motion. These motions along with sounds like Shhhh adds to the familiarity of sleep time and is great for signaling to the baby what time it is. The motion also reminds them of their time in the womb because mom would be walking back and forth and baby would move around in the amniotic fluid like a water-slide.

The 5th S is for Sucking on items like a pacifier or other items. The sucking motion reminds the breastfeed baby of their connection with their mom. It provides security for them knowing they are not too far away from their mom.

By combining the 5S most parents will have some success in reducing the colic of their baby and swaddling is the 1st step that parents need to take! With a less colic baby, parents can have some sweet dreams of their own at night.