Carter’s Snoozy Snug Blanket Review

Carters Snoozy Snug BlanketAre training your toddler off swaddling? Then, the time has come to introduce a comfort blanket to your little one. A comfort blanket or security blanket is something your toddler carries and sleeps with to help reduce any anxiety they might have. This Snoozy Snug blanket by Carter’s is a great to start building that comfort relationship.

The blanket is extremely soft on one side and fuzzy on the side. The fuzzy side adds a different texture for toddlers as they love grabbing and feeling different objects. The Snoozy Snug blanket is made from 100% polyester and can machine washed. After multiple washing, you will notice that the blanket is durable. The softness will be like when you first purchased it, so your baby will feel nice and cozy when they are covered by this blanket. The colors remain bright and the pattern ducks, bunnies, or monkeys do not fade after cleaning the blankets in the washer and dryer.  The   However, the fuzzy side does wear down faster than the soft side. If your child is aggressive enough and start pulling on the fuzz, they can start falling off. Also, the fuzzy side of the blanket tends to retain more lint than the soft side of the blanket.

Carters Snoozy Snug BlanketThe Carter’s blanket is generously sized at 30×45 to completely swaddle and cover your toddler.  There are bigger blankets out there, but I found this blanket size adequately covered my son when he takes his naps and sleeps at night.

Here are the main reasons why you need this blanket