SwaddleMe is the Best Swaddle Blanket for first time parents

Congratulations on your first baby! I’m sure you are excited and maybe a little overwhelm sometimes when you think about the challenges of raising a little one. Well, as parent the best advice I can give is to educate yourself to become the best parent that you can be.  That is why you are searching and learning about the best swaddle blanket that is out there for your baby.

Swaddle ME swaddle blanket First, all newborns are swaddle in receiving blankets at the hospital. Upon delivery, a nurse will wrap your wonderful bundle of joy in a blanket to keep them warm from the coldness of the outside warm. Just think, the baby has been tightly squeezed inside the mother wombs for sometime. The act of wrapping the baby recreates the womb experience while keeping him warm. A receiving blanket is typically smaller than a swaddle blanket because newborns are typically smaller, but they serve the same purpose of wrapping your baby.

My son was born 5 weeks ahead of schedule and I didn’t get a chance to go through the usual baby classes, so I was not prepared for a lot of things and swaddling was one of them. The nurses were nice and taught us how to swaddle our son. We eventually got the hand of it.

But, when we went home and tried swaddling past the first week, it became clear to us that swaddling will be challenge with our son. After swaddling our son, he would move around and eventually the swaddle will loosen. His arms will stick out and he gets uncomfortable. We were always afraid of over tightening our swaddle because it might to restrictive and be uncomfortable again.

Well, through all the try and error, we went with the Summer Infant SwaddleMe because we found the Swaddle Me to be easy to use. It was easy to put the baby in the SwaddleMe and quickly swaddle him before he is able to escape. We found that we could use the Velcro flaps or wings as markers to tell us how tight we wrap him. It provided some consistency. Lastly, it was easy enough that my husband could help out with the swaddling.

First time parents should look at the SwaddleMe as their swaddling solution because it truly is Simple as 1-2-3 to use.