The practice of swaddling has been done for generations and it continues today because of the basic benefits it provides. These are the top three reasons to swaddle your baby.

1.  Newborns when swaddle properly can be help babies sleep in the supine position (sleeping on their backs).  This is important as the supine sleep position reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  A review conducted by Dr. Rachel Moon and associates at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC, found “parents who routinely used swaddling were more likely to find it effective and to place their infant supine when swaddled.”

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Swaddling help newborns sleep in supine position

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2. Newborns usually have quick movements and they are easy startle when something loud sounds in the background. This startling effect and random movements can wake the baby up from their quite nap. By swaddling the baby, these movements are limited and help babies maintain longer sleep duration without any spontaneous awakenings.

Swaddling helps with longer sleep time

Swaddling promotes longer sleep time

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3. Newborns as they come out the womb are not covered with enough body fat. Thus, environmental temperature will play a big factor in the comfort level of the baby. By swaddling the baby, you are helping the baby maintain proper temperature.  But, always be cautious of overheating the baby. Also, the swaddling reminds the baby of their time in the womb where they were in a restricted space and unaffected by things around them. Thus the familiarity of warmth, restricted movement, all found in swaddling tends to calm and soothe babies from the trauma of coming into the world.